Vendor Services


In general, services are not allowed to be listed or sold on Isle 4.

Any service that does not yield a new, tangible, physical item is not allowed. Examples of services that aren’t allowed include:

  • Tailoring
  • Restoring or repairing an item
  • Photographic retouching or color correction
  • Any metaphysical service that promises or suggests it will cause a physical change (such as weight loss) or other outcome, even if it delivers a tangible item

In some cases, a new, tangible, physical item that is a result of certain services may be sold on Isle 4. Examples include:

  • Custom graphic design and digital pattern distribution (a digital file such as a .pdf, .jpg, or .doc is considered the tangible, physical item on Isle 4)
  • An instructional crafting workshop, as long as it provides the buyer with a tangible, physical item (for example: an instructional booklet, crafting supplies, a finished project that the student created in the workshop)